Digital marketing

I have been an eCommerce Business Owner (self-employed, working from home) from April 2015, since when I have completed two paid eCommerce training courses in order to build my knowledge and skills in Digital Marketing, finishing in June 2016 - and putting into action everything that I've learnt. From June 2016 to the present day, I am continuing to build on these skills and experiences from a "what's working now?" perspective. This means that I have a wide variety of relevant and transferable skills including product sourcing, selection and launches, copy-writing and maintenance of product listings and images, adherence to pricing strategies, paid and social media advertising, online marketing/strategic brand awareness through running traditional and social media influencer promotional campaigns, inventory tracking and generation of business reports. I would add to that my expertise with Marketplace Seller and Product Review tracking on a daily basis, together with responding to both positive and adverse customer feedback in a timely, professional yet customer-satisfaction focused manner.

About me

The most significant values that I could bring to any company are:
- knowledge and learning capability from an academic career leading to a Higher National Diploma qualification.
- skills and experience from a 35-year professional career - maturity, social skills, effective communication skills, technical skills, continued learning, problem solving, attention to detail, accuracy, excellent spoken and written English/good grammar.
In my career, the highest level that I have reached is that of Shift Manager, working with process operatives in a cleanroom environment.
My career ambition is to continue my professional career and continue to have a purpose in life by contributing to the success of any company that I work with.
I am seeking full-time employment, and I am available to start immediately.

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