Web / front-end developer

I feel that my web development skills would add value to any company - attention to detail and accuracy are my strengths in this area. I am also a 'green' personality, meaning that I have an analytical aptitude. My communication skills traverse all levels of personnel within an organisation - coupled with my maturity and social skills, I am easily able to build relationships with colleagues, clients/customers/brand owners and distributors. I have working experience of using Microsoft Office programs, in particular MS Excel - in regards to business performance tracking and accounting.
In one of my IT Contract roles, I won the Software Developer Of The Year 2002 award - by FDM Group PLC for the contract with Markel International (Marine Insurance) of London. My role required programming with Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft Excel VBA. My IT training with FDM Group PLC enabled me to fulfil a range of contracts for their clients, requiring me to deal with such challenges as problem-solving in fast-paced environments, up-skilling in very short timeframes and learning to become proficient with new software programs. My most recent web development experience was gained with Bond International Software, where I worked with Microsoft SQL Server Databases built for a wide range of Bond's clients, and transforming that client-specific data into a visual and functional experience for customers using their custom-built websites. I started work at Bond in 2004, developing and maintaining custom websites for Bond's clients (including Hays Recruitment), programming using VBScript and Classic ASP, HTML/Javascript, but progressing later into Microsoft ASP.NET coding on the Visual Studio IDE platform.

About me

The most significant values that I could bring to any company are:
- knowledge and learning capability from an academic career leading to a Higher National Diploma qualification.
- skills and experience from a 35-year professional career - maturity, social skills, effective communication skills, technical skills, continued learning, problem solving, attention to detail, accuracy, excellent spoken and written English/good grammar.
In my career, the highest level that I have reached is that of Shift Manager, working with process operatives in a cleanroom environment.
My career ambition is to continue my professional career and continue to have a purpose in life by contributing to the success of any company that I work with.
I am seeking full-time employment, and I am available to start immediately.

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