Driver eg, pharmacy delivery driver

Worked for local council for 30 years as a driver on the highways.
Prior, worked as a general builder and plasterer.
Acknowledge importance of customer care and like to be helpful.
Adhere to dress code and conscious to promote the company.
Able to build relationships and provide support to others.
Hard working, punctual, friendly, well presented and loyal.

About me

1 I am respectful and polite, have good observational skills, diligent and thorough.
2 Committed employee, adhere to policies, employed as a driver for 30 years.
3 Security conscious, perform tasks accurately and pay attention to detail.
4 Ability to work as part of a team as well as work alone without supervision.
5 Practical, organised with good time management, and always punctual.
6 Looking for part time employment, local area preferable.

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