I am reliable, 100%, having run my own business for 13 years, from scratch, and i treat everything with the care as if it were mine.

I am punctual and ambitious. I have vast experience in meeting people and furnishing them with what they need. I ran an alterations business. This gave me an opportunity to exhibit my good qualities which developed over the 13 years. I am polite and friendly, well dressed and know how to deal with the public. I have done one computer course and am in the middle of doing another. I find it alright because I went to secretarial college long ago in London. I have also got a law degree, although I did not use it to further my interest in law. I am also well disciplined and have integrity in all situations. I am well- versed in situations which require attention to detail.
I have also taught EFL, business English and shorthand to Arabic students in the Middle East. I found that very satisfying.
At this stage, I feel I could take on almost any job, except accountancy, and make a success of it. I have three referees to confirm that.

About me

I am doing a computer course for the next two weeks, but am very happy to have an interview up until then and beyond.
I am a law graduate, I was a teacher of EFL, I started my own business altering clothes and ran it very successfully for thirteen years.
I did caring for about six months, but did not have the basics for that type of job, so I gave it up. I have been looking for a job for about six months.
I have a strong work ethic, am very reliable, friendly to everyone, goal oriented, happy to learn, have a clean driving licence and really want a job

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