Prestbury, Cheltenham

Insurance, reinsurance & life assurance

Experience in both life and non-life insurance and risk analysis. A total of nine years in the actuarial field, including working as an actuarial systems designer in the UK.

Actuarial Systems Designer: Amit De Consulting Actuaries, UK 1973 - 1974
Actuarial Consultant: C.T. Bowring, UK 1970 - 1973
Actuarial Assistant: National Mutual Life Assurance Society, UK 1965 - 1970

About me

I am looking for part-time work in the Cheltenham (UK) area, where I can use my experience and skills to the highest possible degree.
Over 50 years’ working experience in corporate writing, editing and translating, computer programming, systems analysis, actuarial science, and management, in Europe and North America.
Apart from English (native language), fluent in Dutch. Knowledge of French, German and Spanish.

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