Human resources

Director, Personnel initially, then Director, Personnel and Business Services Brel Ltd, Derby ,now Bombardier ,Jan 87-July 92
T/O £400M – 5,000 employees
Products: Locomotives, Rolling Stock, and Repair & Maintenance.
A period of considerable change during which the company , a subsidiary of British Rail became a trade supported MBO and finally a subsidiary of ABB. I was Personnel Director continuously throughout this period and for most of the time also had responsibility for materials, maintenance, works accounting, technical services and other activities .During much of this time I served on the EEF Chief Personnel Executives Consultative Committee.
Activities & Achievements
. Re-organised the total company into customer/market focused business groups.
. Transformed the personnel function from background administration into a professional
pro-active and creative function on a shared service basis.
. Renegotiated all substantive and procedural agreements with trades unions nationally and
locally, based on engineering industry best practice. These agreements swept away
restrictive practices and allowed line management to achieve major productivity gains
. Introduced structured supervisor, middle and senior management training and
. Implemented company wide written and face-to-face briefing.
. Implemented a new safety and risk management structure and processes.
. Led the ‘PR’ side of the MBO and won the support of MP’s,Local Authorities and the Trades
Unions for the management bid.
. Managed the necessary redundancy and re-organization programs with minimum

About me

Extensive experience in industry and commerce at director level. First appointment in OD consulting followed by 6 years as an HR executive. Subsequently HR Director in major companies. Recent career in general management and in sales and marketing. Presently working in an SME company to manufacture and market a medical device in the UK with worldwide distributorships now following. As an Associate, I continue to undertake consulting assignments in OD. Many years spent as a University Governor resulted in the conferment of an Honorary Fellowship. International experience has included working in a JV company in Mexico and a regional directorship for Latin America. Business development experience in many countries and cultures.

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