Financial management

Experience Startup Consultant for over 35 years. Seen many failures and disasters, but have been involved in a handful of spectacular successes. One of my Principals became the 14th richest person in the country. Returning to work following a couple of medical mishaps. Took advantage of the recovery period to update skills and qualifications, including XERO accounting and C&Gs in Computer Network installations and maintenance.

About me

I am a multi-disciplined turnaround facilitator looking to help out SMEs struggling with the current crisis. I am a qualified accountant & MBA (Marketing), with experience and/or qualifications in IT, Legal issues, Strategic & Project Planning & Government Grants. Where I do not have the specific skills needed, I know where to find them at a reasonable price from my network built up over the years. ~Looking to find a suitable SME to test out this concept with low costs.

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